Logarska Valley on Sunday morning

A run in the Logarska Valley after a long time. It was before eight and the first morning with sub-zero temperatures. Minus two it was.

I needed to scratch the ice off the windows before I was able to drive to the middle of the valley to start the run.

The whole valley was in the shadow since to sun is too low to reach the ground even at midday.

Running up the valley I took the forest trail from Razpotje up to the end of the valley.

The paths are quite demanding technically. Grass, holes, rocks, roots, constantly up and a bit down. Honestly, it is easier to run on these trails when they are covered with deep snow and the path is beaten yet not icy.

Nearing the end of the valley the mountain tops only were lit with the sun. Sorry for the chemtrail photo. At 9 am the sky was already crisscrossed.

My goal was the waterfall just to the right of these cliffs.

Rinka waterfall

With its 90 meters, it's the highest single-drop waterfall in Slovenia.

Rinka with Eagle's nest to its right.

I took the asphalt road for the return leg. It was much quicker yet dangerous at places because of the icy road. Also, the path back was shorter. The trail winds around for a kilometer more.

The lap times on the way back show that running down I even managed a sub-five pace.

The satellite map well displays the high mountains to the left and above the valley.


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