Hrastje field run

Hrastje is a tiny sports park/children's playground/pump track near Depala vas which is near Domžale. Check the @pinmapple mark.

Today we had the end of the school year gathering here. Children and parents came to play, mingle, have fun, eat and drink and talk and laugh. It was fantastic! Thank you very much, everybody, for c+omingf and making it such a fun event.

For me, the only opportunity to put in a decent run. was to get on feet immediately after we set up the scene for the gathering.

I ran across the empty fields and by the wheat fields towards Domžale cemetery.

While running I passed the tall Domžale antenna, a local celebrity.

The trail was a joy to run on. Singletrack, field road, ... the second part on asphalt because I wanted it to.


I passed the DOmžale cemetery with interesting architecture.

The map of the run.

When I finished the run most of the guests were already at the Hrastje park. I greeted them, changed into civil clothes, had a lot of chitchats, and took some beer too. It was a great afternoon.

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