morning meadows

ervin-lemark just finished a 6.7km run, that lasted for 41 minutes.
This run helped ervin-lemark burn 398.0 calories.

Description from Strava:

Monday morning. A start of a new week. What will it bring?

An early run for sure. In Hoka Speedgoat shoes, like yesterday.

It was fresh, it was quicker than anticipated. Well, it wasn't planned to run at a sub 5:30 pace, it just happened so. Maybe these shoes are good for something.

The reported pace, 5:48, is because of the exercises which I do regularly at a turning point.

During the run, I saw seven deer grazing peacefuly. This is surely a good sign.

Working week, I am ready for you.

better and better
:ervin :lemark

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About the Athlete: Recreational runner who loves the great outdoors. The longer the run/hive the better :)


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