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ervin-lemark just finished a 6.69km run, that lasted for 40 minutes.
This run helped ervin-lemark burn 381.0 calories.

Description from Strava:

After yesterday's slumber, I was ready to run again. In Hokas again. This time with a trail model, Hoka Spreedgoat 5.

The initial feeling was the same as with Cliftons. Too soft.

Yet, while running on gravel for most of the run, I started to appreciate the softness. It was dampened a bit with the Vibram outsole which is a bit harder. at least I got such an impression.

The shoes are basically the same with the Spreedgoats having sturdier upper mesh and better soles, in my opinion.

The verdict? I like the trail version more. Yet, to buy a pair? I don't know. Maybe when my Salming trail shoes wear off.

I might make another run in these shoes tomorrow early in the morning before I return them to the shop...

better and better
:ervin :lemark

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