Kettlebell EMOM Workout in my Garden

Hello kettlebell friends!

Today was beautiful weather and the perfect time to work out in the garden. The sun was shining and some birds were singing.

First of all, I want to show some common mistakes many new kettlebell enthusiasts make when they start to work out with kettlebells. I did too.
The first picture shows how the hand insertion should look here with a competition bell. It works a bit differently with the cheaper kettlebells which have a round handle. As you see the handle is most likely diagonal and rests on the palm. Don't hold it tight like a dumbell. The middle picture shows you a good racking position. It's a good position to do shoulder presses or half snatches. The 3rd picture is a mistake many do. Holding the kettlebell vertically or the broken wrist grip which I show both at the same time here. The wrist should always be in line with your underarm.

good hand insertion racking position with hand insertion broken wrist with vertical hold

On the other side when the kettlebell hangs downside you have to switch the grip. There is a transition from the racking position and the hanging kettlebell grip and you have to learn this before doing any complicated flows. You don't need to grip tight especially not if you are doing snatches or swings. Holding the kettlebell too tight there will give you painful blisters and callouses. The tight grip is used for farmers walk for example.

loose hanging grip on the fingers tight grip good for farmers walk

Kettlebell Workout


10 min. full body movement to warm up every joint and get the blood flowing.


2 x 16kg
Every minute on the minute
(check the video to see what one round looks like)
You do the complete flow and rest till the minute is full and then you start over again. This gives you a nice and steady heart pump which slowly goes up every round. On the right side, you see how my heart got up from zone 1 to zone 5. You can even count the spikes.


2 x 16kg - 6 rounds
10 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 12 reps


Total burned calories 786. Worked out for one hour with an average pulse of 127 and a max pulse of 166. Always taking a cold shower after my workouts.

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Video, images, and screenshots are from me

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