BlockTunes Now Using bHBD for NFT Purchases!


We are now using the new bHBD as our primary token of payment for our OpenTunes NFT collections! The decision was a pretty easy one once we found out about the new BSC version of HBD from @LeoFinance. Using the token this way, in conjunction with our cool new Hive front end, this is essentially making Binance Smart Chain a second layer for Hive!

Now although there aren't many NFTs in our market yet, we are hoping to see some growth when the markets finally decide to turn around.


You can see that the marketplace is now set to accept bHBD for the payment token for our NFTs on Binance Smart Chain! You even have a little Metamask fox to click to add the token to your Metamask wallet if you have not done so yet.


Prices are set in HBD for NFTs!


If you have a Hive account, it's very easy to convert your on chain HBD over to bHBD using the wleo bridge which we have linked directly in our 'More' menu!


The Hive-BSC bridge makes it extremely easy to send your HBD over to BSC so you can shop for NFTs! We are considering adding bHBD as our token used for purchasing the bTUNES token from our DAO as well. That has not been set, but is being considered. Currently you need BUSD to purchase the bTUNES token. We may keep it this way so we can still use BUSD as we do in DEFI protocols.

We are excited for the future and using this down time to get our platform as complete as we possibly can for musicians to have the tools they need to take back the music industry! If you are a musician, come get involved!


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