Following a YouTube trail

Every now and then I take some time to go trough youtube video's and just follow the video's they propose by my history.
It's not very strange this video's show up are they.. :)

Cee Lo Green and Daryl Hall - I Can't Go For That

Who doesn't know Hall & Oates.... Daryl Hall playing some funky shizzle... Love it, I love the voice of Cee Lo Green.... It's awesome.

Eric Gales - Somebody/Smokestack Lightining

I got to know the music of Eric Gales by @melbooker , what a musician he is..... He play's the guitar just the other way around. Playing normally is already difficult, imaging the guitar the other way around :)... This song is a blues song, and for me it's all what blues is about... Telling a story with so much feel and musicality..... Enjoy...

Sharp Dressed Man Billy F Gibbons ZZ Ward Orianthi

Orianthi was mentioned by @steevc in one of my former posts. She is stunning, in both ways lol... Here together with mister Billy Gibbons playing one of ZZ Tops greatest hit. Billy Gibons himself is a stunning guitarist too. All about the feeling...

"I Was Made for Lovin' You Live 4K" KISS 2020 Goodbye Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

I remember this concert very well, it was at newyears eve, 18.00 oçlock sharp. And it was freaking awesome. although I believe Paul Stanley didn't sing without any help. I have heard this song live at Arnheim, and his voice isn't what it used to be... But nevertheless, a great show and performance. They are excellent entertainers...

Steve Vai - Incredible "Whispering A Prayer

One of my alltime favorites on guitar is absolutely Steve Vai. The master of sounds...
This clip demonstrates his mastering of the instrumtent. His bassplayer also joined Steve Fister on his last tour.. Subtile, awesome sounds...

Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Rising Force

Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising force, a real classic. Yngwie playing his strat like no-one does.... His classical approach and appegio's, are just one of a kind. He released an new album last week... Awesome, gained some weight ans sideburns though :)..

Ozzy Osbourne - Mr Crowley

I close this set of YouTube trail with one of the best songs and performances ever. The master Ozzy with probably the best guitarist ever, Randy Rhoads. Died way to soon by a tragic accident... Great thing, me, my brother and youngest son are going to a concert of Ozzy on the 14th of february, at least...if it will continue.... But we have hope, can't wait..

Have a great (musical) day,


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