Josh Cullen of SB19 Set the World on Fire with "WILD TONIGHT"... <3

I have shared my love for the P-pop (Philippine Pop) group SB19 in my previous posts. HERE is one of the posts I wrote about them when they released their song entitled "WHAT?" a couple years back.

Last year, they were so busy with their world tour and I was blessed to get the chance to watch their Homecoming Concert live online which I also talked about in another post here.

Despite being in a group, the members are also trying to pursue their solo career... and just last night, my SB19 bias Josh Cullen debuted as a solo artist and dropped his first music video.


NOTE: All photos that I'd be sharing on this post are either screenshots from the music video or grabbed from Josh Cullen official Facebook Page.

I have been constantly playing this video since last night and I still can't get enough of it. It's very catchy that I'm close to memorizing the lyrics including the rap part. hahah

By watching the video, it's pretty clear how he and the staff really prepared for it. The quality is really good and the music indeed was wild.

Just check out the visuals... <3
The concept of the video is about a vampire who has finally awaken from his slumber after some decades. And since he has been out for quite a while, he decided to go wild.

Well, that's just the superficial representation of the video. However, when you try to dig deeper, you'd realize he has a message to convey. Let's check our the lyrics.

It's mostly in Tagalog, so allow me to translate part of the lyrics that really got me and allow me share my thoughts... For the full translation, you can turn on the English subtitle of the music video. Let's start!

  • Musta, anong dekada na ba? Gano'n pa rin ba? Sentido kumon, wala?
    (What's up? what decade is it now? Is it still the same... still no common sense?)

This is just the first line and it's already pretty impactful especially in this modern world. Change is the only thing that's constant, but a lot of people still don't do so... there are still a lot of selfish and entitled people with no common sense. xD

  • Nag-aabang magkamali... nakamasid lahat pero sandali. Hindi ako tumatanda (shhhh), Ngunit kayo hindi nagtatanda!
    (Waiting for me to make a mistake... everyone's observing, but wait. I don't age, but you never learn!)

I guess this doesn't only refer to celebrities, but to everyone in general. It's inevitable that there really are people who keep on watching your every move and waiting for you to mess things up, so they'd have something to talk about. And yeah, these types of people never learn...

  • Going up like a boeing, we fly... Ain't nobody gonna blow my high! Nandito na 'ko sa tuktok ng liga ko, pero pinilit bumababa to say "Hi"
    *(Going up like a boeing, we fly... Ain't nobody gonna blow my high! I'm at the top of my league, but I came all the way down just to say "Hi!"

This is so true. The only reason why some people are pulling you down is because you're above them. It's kind of unfortunate, but "crab mentality" is still very common nowadays. Why don't we just be happy for other people's achievement? Or if we feel envious, why don't we do our best to excel without stepping on anyone or pulling down anyone else?

I really like how Josh pointed these things out in his song. It really brought out his "angas". I must say, he really outdid himself. Well, SB19 members are always known for always giving their 1000% every time.

And speaking of SB19... check this screenshot from the music video.

Despite it being a solo debut, Josh prepared five coffins... <3 Meaning, he's not alone... I edited and labeled them with the names of SB19 members. Ahhh~ this really caught my attention. :)

I remember one the members, Ken, said, "Even though we're pursuing and exploring our abilities as solo artist, SB19 will stay together forever. I'd die as an SB19 member."

It's just exciting because these guys usually just work on their solo whenever they're not busy as a group. Being an SB19 member is their priority and pursuing a solo career also helps in promoting the group even more. They're also very supportive of each other.

When Josh did a LIVE video after dropping his MV, the other boys were present and even commented on his LIVE. They also shared Josh's MV link on their pages and retweeted his achievements. I just love all of them! Josh will always be my bias, though sometimes Ken and Stell are especially tempting... JK~

In less than 24 hours, he already has 100K streams on Spotify and currently, there are already 139K views on YouTube since he uploaded the MV last night.

If you enjoyed the song, I'd appreciate it if you stream his music and SB19 music as well.

As a Filipino, I'm really proud of Josh and of SB19. They're really working hard on their goal of introducing Filipino music, especially P-pop to the world. I hope you guys enjoyed his music and feel free to support him and SB19 by streaming their songs. I highly recommend them. (^^,)

Thanks for checking out this post. See you around and I'll continue "over-using" the replay button. hahahaha

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