Our first NFT on sale for VFT - buy it now and be a Stick Up Boy!

Very excited to be writing this post as this is about our first NFT on VFT lab you can buy using your VFT you have! The song is BTT which stands for Bed Time Teddy and is a song we wrote for our kids! You can buy it here





We love this song and here is some info!

The Stick Up Boys from Brighton have been heralded as the ‘new sound of urban pop music’. An anonymous collective with a unique and fresh sound generated from their much beloved analogue synths, wide experience of musical styles and extensive talents. They have had international success in the world of advertising, TV and film as well as charting success with songs they have written and produced. They have now started their own label “Stick Up Music”. Their first release off their new label is this song, “BTT”, a synth pop, euphoric dance song guaranteed to uplift you. This is their first NFT, you could be part of it, you could be a Stick Up Boy! If you want to know more then call a policeman or try and find them here https://linktr.ee/StickUpBoys

As I said we wrote it for the kids who insisted that we also let them do the video for it....I won't say it was a pleasure as we took days setting it up and this was proceeded by a day of children having tantrums....happy memories!

We hope you like the song and go and get your NFT and thank you for all the love and support.

The Stick Up Boys

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