I now have 1,000,000 STARBITS on my Hive Engine wallet! ğŸ˜Ž

I just recently obtained my 1,000,000th STARBITS token on Hive Engine! ğŸ˜Ž

I wanted to get the STARBITS Millionaire Card in #RisingStar to be able to do the STARBITS Millionaire Special Mission which can be done once a day to get 10,000 STARBITS each time! 😅

(I just wonder how I can contact the @risingstargame team on Discord without me joining yet another Discord server.) 😅

I withdrew 290,000 STARBITS from my Rising Star account, and bought off the rest (710,000 STARBITS) from the Hive Engine Market with the help of my earnings on #Splinterlands plus extra DEC and SPS I bought from a friend! 😄

I bought each STARBITS at about $0.0025 each, which is about 150% higher than its pegged price of $0.0001. 😏

First off, I plan to use my earnings on Rising Star to pay off my loan (just joking here) get back part of my savings I used (to buy the DEC and SPS from my friend), then buy 10+2 packs of Rising Star 3-Card Packs for every 100,000 STARBITS I earn on the game. 🤔 Occasionally, I would withdraw one or more 10,000 STARBITS when I need quick SWAP.HIVE to buy other Hive Engine tokens. 😅

😁 Thank you for reading! 😁

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