Prima La Musica, my inspiration to continue | Secrets of Organ Playing, Week 119


This is my first post from my new account. Normally something new is a reason for joy, this time however I feel mostly sadness. My former account (partitura) was hacked and I lost all I've worked for on Hive these last three years and all I've reached in that time.

My first impulse was to leave HIVE and never return. The power down of my (former) HIVE power will take 13 weeks and it would be very painfull to watch and see it all go away. And the hacker isn't even powering down everything. So what plans does he have to do with the remainder and with my former account? He already tried to pose as mee and reap some easy rewards with some shit post. It felt pointless to ever write something again.

After some days in which I was rather depressed, my oldest son, with his 13 years still rather innocent, asked: "Why don't you just start anew?". My first impulse was to sum up all the reasons why I wouldn't start anew. But I didn't. Instead, I realized that he was probably quite right. Just start anew and enjoy what I am doing. Better to work for something in the future than to dwell on what is lost in the past.

Hence the new account name: @primalamusica. I came here to share my art, both performing and creating scores. And I want to continue to share what I love with anyone who is interested. Music is what drives me and I won't let someone take that away from me.

I chose to play Bach's "Erbarm dich mein", BWV 721 (sorry for the wrong number in the video). The music perfectly reflects how I feel at the moment. It is a moving, intense dramatic piece, yet those long notes above the repeated chords also express something of great strength and despite it's sad character, I find this piece oddly comforting.

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I tag you all in this post because you have in one way or another supported me and my former account, partitura. And I wanted to let you now that that account has been hacked, and the hacker does not deserve any of your attention or support. Also, if he, for whatever reason reaches out to you, know htat it is not me who reaches out to you. I hope he takes his unlawful gaines and leave and let the partitura account fade into oblivion. I am as of now: @primalamusica.

Score available on my site: