Another Sweelinq test | Johann Schneider, Prelude in G major

After my initial test of the new virtual pipe organ software, Sweelinq (see here: @primalamusica/sweelinq-a-new-virtual-pipe-organ-software-bach-triosonata-inr-4-movements-1-and-2), I wanted to test the full plenum capabilities of Sweelinq. I choose one of the preludes of Johann Schneider, a pupil of Johann Sebastian Bach. Only a few of his compositions have survived till the present day. Which is a shame, bacause what is left shows high quality and makes me wish more of his music would have survived. I guess I have to be glad with what is available.


Again I'm very impressed with the capabilities of this new piece of software, Sweelinq. The mixtures in the manuals and the reeds in the pedal wound quite natural I think. The reverb gives me a bit of trouble, but I guess that is more me having to learn to fine tune this software and not a defect of Sweelinq itself.

As it is actually quite easy to work with, it could be a very serious competitor of Hauptwerk.

You can test Sweelinq out for yourself here:

Score available here:

If you're interested in all Schneiders surviving organ compositions, you should take a look here:

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