Rising Star - Game Status & Starbits Giveaway- 11(Closed)...... Play And Earn...

Hello all Music Lovers....


Rising Stars.....

Start as a lowly busker and work your way up to a global mega star!

Game Status

Unlocked the level 103, only 356 more XP required to unlock the level 104😁


I love the game and making my position in the game slowly but steadily.

The ego meter is at 03%.

Completed 2383 missions in total.
Completed 54 missions after previous update.

Starbits Market


The Starbits are trading at 0.000231 Hive and $0.00008. As compare to the last 24 hour data the price is slightly higher in hive pair and stable in USD pair.

Starbits Giveaway

I have give though on giveaway and decided to giveaway the Half Starbits earning every day (maximum earning from any mission, except STARBITS Millionaire).

Last day got 1575 Starbits from the Local Mini Tour Support so I will give away the 788 Starbits to one participant.


Rule - Their is no any special rule just comment anything (I am in or consider me in for the giveaway) or you can share the tip also. Please include the user name if you want the Starbits to any other account (other then the entry account).

Please check the Title of the post - Closed means the giveaway has been ended.


In last Giveaway we have 17 participants.
Winner has been picked by https://pickerwheel.com/


Congrats to the @eldon1


Tagging @alekseidupin @amigareaction @andrewmusic @bitandi @carlosro @captaincryptic @cibersk8 @cryptoferyel @cryptoniusrex @deanlogic @ervin-lemark @gregory-f @handtalk5 @harpreetjanda @herbertholmes2 @horstman5 @imfarhad @irisworld @jeniffer23 @jfang003 @libertycrypto27 @linkxdx @mimismartypants @minimining @minus-pi @moonthumb @msaz13 @obeliscocoin @pablodare @philipmak @pixiepost @proto26 @ricestrela @solymi @stickupboys @storiesoflove @stranger27 @tlundy47 @tokutaro22 @valdiva @viniciotricolor @yankosoito @yeckingo1 @ynwa.andree @yocazo @zarwelius @zxion @zm187 @zonadigital21 @harpreetjanda @rupindder

Please let me know if anyone don't want to get tagged.

If you are not playing the game and wanna earn Starbits token then you can use my referral link

Thanks for stopping by...

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