🌠 Starbits & Cold Pizza #48 🍕 - Craft Your Own Legendary Card + 7 Live Giveaways, Win Startbits & RS NFTS

Hey Rockstars,

Time for another edition of Starbits & Cold Pizza! Wednesday Installment. Here's all the latest giveaways on the world of Rising Star!

Good Vibes and Enjoy The pizza!!

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MInt Your Own Legendary Card!!!

So I login this morning when I get to my desk and see this announcement!!!


Of course, I'm super excited, and I click it!

I think man these guys are epic! always coming up with super cool features! Must be another birthday celebration! Also, I think to myself, "I'm so glad i did my hair this morning!" (had a new client meeting).

And i click it - hoping i will rock and roll enough and nothing happens. I click again and again. And it hits me!!


Well played guys, well played!

And while we won't have legendary cards of ourselves, we do have some awesome giveaways to win some Rising Star Cards and Starbits! Check them out below.

Found 7 Live Giveaways

So many more giveaways popping up, it's super exciting for us players! Thought you guys might find this interesting.

  1. @mawit07 New Daily giveaway is live. He is aiming to giveaway some Rising star cards every day. Find his latest post here.

  2. @playbyhive started a Brand New Daily Card Giveaway! He is aiming to giveaway 1 card a day for 365 days! Find more details and enter in his latest giveaway post here

  3. @apprentice001 Daily competition is still going. Stand a chance to win some starbits. Enter here.

    Still Time To Enter These Giveaways, previously mentioned but still live

  4. @ynwa.andree's New Giveaway round is now live. Enter here to win 10 000 Starbits.

  5. @sentipl latest weekly giveaway is also now live. Enter here to win some Rising Star Prizes.

  6. @musicuniversity latest giveaway is now live. Stand a chance to win some Orchestra instruments here

  7. @cryptofiloz latest weekly giveaway is also live! Stand a chance to win a Rising Start Card here

Tips Are Welcome If you found this useful :)

If you keen to show your appreciation for the giveaway list, Upvotes, comments and reblogs are welcome. Hive, Starbits and Vibes are also appreciated!


Starbits Pricing & Millionaire Cards Issued:


The price is dipping again but we definitely saw an improvement in value over the past 24 hours. It's still a good time to stack those starbits on the cheap. Make yourself a millionaire while you can afford it!

Lowest Ask went from 0.00011489 HIVE to 0.00013999 HIVE.

So far 87 Starbits Millionaire Cards issued - same past 2 days.

My Gameplay Update


Back up to 106, and so closing in on the money. I just bought a 12 pack of cards, and despite me thinking I was going to exercise self-control and open 1 pack a day. I opened them all in one go. I was getting a nice mix, lots of dups but also lots of uniques which I'm very happy about. These babies will definitely get me into the top 100!

12 Pack opening


Bargain beater is new to my collection!


Yeah a chris!!!


Clive and Debbie! Blessed!


R46 is new!!!


Welcome to the band Kim!!


Now we duping up! Will Try one more!!!

That's 2 more unique. Do i keep going or stop?? I can't stop!!
Missed the screengrab! But it was mandolin and cheap decks 2 that was unique

I got all these guys already


Also, have them. Man let me just open some more the suspense is killing me


Another Clive and Curtis is new for me so that's great!

3 uniques!!

Got all of these guys already!!

All in all, I'm pretty happy with my results. Production is still the strongest music lesson for me so we will stick to this and start production crafting soon! Super chuffed about pulling an epic card! So many uniques added as well. due to constantly indulging in music lessons Ego was not a problem with the new fan count! i also hit level 64! Check out my new dashboard!


  • Rank: 108
  • Personal Best: 104
  • Level: 64
  • 105 Cards
  • 5851 permanent fans
  • 1365 Luck
  • 10235 Skills
  • 77 IM
  • Total Missions Completed: 1752


Cards To Buy

I'm creating a list of booster cards I want to buy. I might buy these before I hit millionaire or after. But adding this additional goal to the mix and adding the list here so I can keep track of what I need. These will help improve my stats as well as the number of unique cards in my collection.
3 cards marked off the list! The list is growing!!! Will add more every day.

  • 1 x Cold Pizza Slice
  • 1 x Whiskey Bottle
  • ~~1 x Skillboost 1 ~~
  • 1 x coffee cup
  • 1 x XP Boost +10
  • 1 x XP Boost +50
  • 1 x XP Boost +100
  • 1 x skills boost 10
  • 1 x skills boost 50
  • 1 x skills boost 100
  • 1 x 100 fan boost
  • 1 x 50 fan boost
  • R8 Lead Guitarist
  • R5 Male Rapper
  • R4 Female Rapper
  • R1 Classic Punk
  • R2 Metal Drummer
  • E5 Headbanging Singer
  • E8 Pop Diva
  • S11 Bach
  • S5 Mozart
  • S1 Undead Fred
  • S12 Brahms
  • S10 Tchaikovsky
  • S9 Beethoven
  • R9 The Songwriter

What's your progress like? Got Any Hot Tips?

I'm keen to connect with other players! Pop me a line to let me know how you doing, or any hot tips you'd like to share!

Till next time, keep on rocking.

Much love from Sunny Cape Town, @Mimismartypants

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  • Follow @mawit07 for a chance to win rising star cards daily.
  • Follow @apprentice001. He is giving away Starbits Daily.
  • Follow @ynwa.andree for Weekly Starbits and Card Giveaways
  • Follow @cryptofiloz for Daily Pack Opening, Tips + Giveaways
    ** Follow @gribbles. He runs a monthly record listening chain and is now giving away a free rising star instrument as a prize.
  • Follow @musicuniversity for his skill card giveaways. (to be confirmed if this is weekly).
  • Follow @fabiyamada to Win Rare or Common cards of your choice. She runs a giveaway every few days so be sure to watch out for them.
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