Meet the Legends -Trenton Lundy / 1 Cold Pizza Slice NFT giveway! (Interview with Trenton Lundy one Legendary artist of Rising Star!)

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Interview with Trenton Lundy, is an awesome Rising Star Legend!


Since I like to play, I will be a music promoter for artists outside of the game as well, so this is the reason for this initiative.

Today I have put on my interviewer hat and from now on you are going to enjoy something really amazing, a cycle of interviews with the musicians who make life in Rising Star, who have amazing jobs, the content is magnificent and I hope you enjoy it as much as me and my human have done it.

In addition to all this, you should know that this publication will have 1 Cold Slice of Pizza as a free gift, which will be donated to a winner chosen at random using the hive app to select the comment that earns it.

The Cold Pizza Slice NFT will be awarded by Trenton Lundy where I receive the payment of this publication. To participate you only have to leave your rising star user in the comments, make a comment writing "Trenton Lundy" and tell something about his work, and say me what you think of this interview.

The winner will be chosen using the Hive random comment tool.And it will be published in a comment on this publication. The comments that will participate in the raffle will be valid until I notify you through a comment that no more entries are validated. All comments made after that message will not be taken into account.

So this is my mission from today here in hive !.

Any musician who wants to do an interview, please contact me at discord: user -> manclar#7816 <- and I will gladly promote your work in a post :)

So today our guest is Trenton Lundy, an impressive artist and Legend of Rising Star. I invite you to know what he has to say, in a very interesting interview loaded with many delicious chords ænd melodies.

It's very simple, I hope you enjoy it, so let's get started!


How are you today ?

  • I am funktabulous! How are you?

Great, listening to the radio, and enjoying a banana, because due to the interview that I just finished with Jux I haven't been able to have lunch yet.

What's the plan for today so ?

  • Have a chat with you and work on recording some music
    I'm sure Jux had tons of things to talk about:)

Are you working on a new song ?. And yes, you will read the interview with Jux soon,it was really amazing and interesting.
Yes, I usually work on a few different songs at the same time

Can you tell our fans an advance of that?, sure they are curious!

  • I will start out with the intention of working on a song and finishing it, but sometimes I run into a wall so I'll move to a different song. Sooner or later they all get completed.

In what topic have you recently been inspired to write?

  • I just do instrumentals. If I am working with a vocalist I let them choose what they will sing about.

And what inspires you to create a melody?. Because obviously there are differences between one song and another.

  • Well, I usually have no certain direction when I record. I will start with drums, bass or guitar, play around until I hear something I like, and then build the song from there.

So you create guided exclusively by improvisation, very brilliant. I can say that you are a creator by nature. And how do you choose the name of the songs?

  • Sometimes when I'm creating the song I will hear words being spoken in the music. So that's how most of my songs are named. For example, I was making my first song and I kept hearing "don't ever don't stop" so that's what I named it. Several people also have heard it when they listen to it. Jux has heard my music speaking also

Really beautiful brother! Let me congratulate you on that, it is very nice!.Can you link any of your work ?

Have you got a favourite song you have created ?

What do you like the most about Rawness? I feel it as a pretty rock song that prompts me to scream and banging :D

  • I like it because I wasn't trying to do anything fancy, just your basic song with drums, bass, guitar, and keys but kicking people's butts at the same time!

I feel you,like a musician with a lot of heart and feeling, do you have any influence from reggae or Bob Marley? . How long did take to create Rawness?

  • No, I've never really listened to reggae. I went on a cruise in the Caribbeans last year and a lot of people were calling me Bob Marley lol. Every time I walked into a room where a live musician was entertaining, they would start playing Bob Marley songs 😂

Very funny imo!.Lol. I guess it must be because of the look and outfit you wear. How does that make you feel, and do you have something to say to people about this?

  • It makes me feel very good! I feel honored when people see me and they immediately think of one of the legends before me! Especially because I'm not trying to look like or sound like anyone but me!

Well you are a rising star legend, so you are one step closer to reaching it! 😄 . Do you collect other peoples songs ?

  • Yes I've been collecting music for over 30 years

Tell us which ones Jamaica boy! :)

  • My main inspiration is Prince. I have hundreds of his unreleased songs, hundreds of live shows and rehearsals on audio and video, and none of them are the same.

Prince is a great reference without a doubt. We all love "when doves cry". And in another area: Do you have any interest in crypto or just HIVE / STARBITS?

  • I collect several different types of crypto.

Which ones?. Have you thinking on launching your ouw Rawness token? . Have you ever thought about building a musical instrument made by your own hands?

  • I currently hold 72 different coins, I'll name a few, Doge, DGB, LTC, XMR, ADA, BNB, ATOM, SPACE, BAT etc. I basically get whatever I can get my hands on! No, I've never thought of launching my own coin or a unique instrument. Those are very good ideas!

I hope you start working on your token, and that you liked my suggestion. . Would you like to share with the community a photo of you where you go out playing an instrument or on stage? please tell us the date and the place.

  • Homegrown Talent Competition Troy, Ohio USA 05/31/2019


Tell us something random about yourself ?

  • I'm weird. I could stay home and not talk to another human for a week and be perfectly fine.

In that we are alike, I have stayed in my apartment for up to 2 months without having to go out. My world is the blockchain, Rising Star and Hive :).
Any chance of a competition or giveaway for the free readers?

  • Sure we can do that

What do you want to award the winning comment selected at random?

  • I'll send them a slice of Pizza. That seems to be very popular at the moment

What's it like to be a rising star legend and have your own legendary card?

  • I think its a great honor, especially when I read posts written about me and see how people look up to me!

And I hope you receive many comments with the help of this publication. This is my heartfelt support for someone who deserves all the good vibes, a Rising Star legend! - That is perfect, thank you so before we finish up is there anything you would add or say to the readers?

  • I want to thank everyone for their support and thank you for this opportunity!

Thanks for talking with me, you are an exceptional musician and a person that I admire! . I'll be letting you know as soon as I publish, I have to edit 2 more interviews and I hope this is not the last time we talk. You are welcome here in my cat corner so that in a while you can tell us how things are going, your projects and what you do in your world!

  • I loved it thank u so much


So remember, there is 1 cold pizza slice NFT waiting for you in this post, thanks to our dear Trenton Lundy, show your appreciation for his work in the comments and you will have a chance to get your pizza!

I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did, if you liked it, follow me, and stay tuned because more interviews are on the way that are already in development !.

Together as a community we will vibrate all the instruments of these great musicals, and I invite you to be a music promoter like me!

Meooooooowwww! for all those great musicians who make life on Rising Star and Hive.





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