1K Cards challenge is done

1K Cards challenge : Done


Hell yes, we made it ... The one thousand cards challenge is now fulfilled...
And in the process we even got a few EPICS... No leg's though... But, well, the goal is achieved.

Stick Up Boys Event : Thank you

We also participated and earned the Stick Up Boys NFT as they promise, so thank you @stickupboys for that song, a nice one by the way :-)

Only one track from them left to buy...

Next Mission : NFT

I think it's time to return to our songs collection and collect the remaining nft's, as they grow in numbers...

Exchanges : I give up

I give up in trying to exchange my cards for those I don't have yet. I will from now on exchange with a few friends and with my wife, then for the others, I will simply use the market.

packs pucharsed in JUNE

R62 Chubby Subby,25 Dalilah,25 Dalilah R67 Febie,i13 Cheap Violin,20 Rob R65 Blue Guitar,i29 Cheap Sax V2,29 Markie R59 Laney,13 Buster,24 Slippy R59 Laney,20 Rob,i24 Des Appalling R63 Sonny,13 Buster,i8 Mid Range Mic R65 Blue Guitar,t2 Mid Range Tour Bus,24 Slippy R62 Chubby Subby,t2 Mid Range Tour Bus,13 Buster R62 Chubby Subby,i36 Tubular Bells,28 Nathan R67 Febie,21 Eric,25 Dalilah R67 Febie,t6 Cheap Car,28 Nathan R63 Sonny,13 Buster,i31 Cheap Decks V2 R69 Lucy,i31 Cheap Decks V2,i23 Bargain Beater R68 Penny,27 Melissa,i6 Mid Range Acoustic R63 Sonny,t5 Rubber Dinghy,26 Thomas R67 Febie,25 Dalilah,20 Rob R63 Sonny,E23 Sky,27 Melissa R68 Penny,i29 Cheap Sax V2,i30 Cheap Mic V2 R59 Laney,26 Thomas,20 Rob R64 RS 30 Guitar Synth,E21 Classic Car,13 Buster R68 Penny,i11 Mid Range Drums,20 Rob R68 Penny,i22 Castanets,24 Slippy R62 Chubby Subby,i17 Didgeridoo,i34 Cheap Kettle Drum R62 Chubby Subby,28 Nathan,20 Rob R48 Jessie,i27 Cheap Keyboard V2,E17 Pro Acoustic R59 Laney,25 Dalilah,i25 Cheap Trombone R63 Sonny,20 Rob,t6 Cheap Car R60 Touring Coach,i22 Castanets,i31 Cheap Decks V2 R47 Griff,20 Rob,25 Dalilah R63 Sonny,13 Buster,i34 Cheap Kettle Drum R63 Sonny,20 Rob,i28 Rusty Trumpet R51 Brad,21 Eric,i37 RS Vulture R51 Brad,t2 Mid Range Tour Bus,i24 Des Appalling R61 Vimbo,28 Nathan,23 Jonny R54 Ellie,24 Slippy,13 Buster R51 Brad,i27 Cheap Keyboard V2,20 Rob R59 Laney,20 Rob,13 Buster R65 Blue Guitar,i30 Cheap Mic V2,22 Arthur R57 Pink Mic,t6 Cheap Car,t6 Cheap Car R65 Blue Guitar,13 Buster,25 Dalilah R54 Ellie,i27 Cheap Keyboard V2,21 Eric R51 Brad,S20 Father Earth,21 Eric R56 Robbie,13 Buster,t2 Mid Range Tour Bus R55 Bruce,i29 Cheap Sax V2,20 Rob R56 Robbie,24 Slippy,21 Eric R51 Brad,S20 Father Earth,23 Jonny R65 Blue Guitar,20 Rob,22 Arthur R56 Robbie,20 Rob,24 Slippy R62 Chubby Subby,20 Rob,t2 Mid Range Tour Bus R49 Bethany,i35 Kithara,21 Eric R55 Bruce,t6 Cheap Car,28 Nathan R64 RS 30 Guitar Synth,S20 Father Earth,13 Buster R50 Ali,i10 Mid Range Bass,i31 Cheap Decks V2 R52 Hippy Wagon,13 Buster,20 Rob R60 Touring Coach,21 Eric,26 Thomas
56 *3 cards : 168 cards purchased in June only, also purchased a few records nft in the same time.





As you can see competition is hard, even with buying several 12packs packages we barely stay in top 30... But we're still in :).

A bientΓ΄t,
≋𝕴𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖆 𝕲𝖆ï𝖆𝖓≋


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