Wishful Wednesday!!!

Welcome back guys, it's Wednesday, just 2 more days to the New Year. It's a bit chilly and windy; perfectly wintery. I'm here again with another Rising Star segment. Hit my referral key down below and let’s go:

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3 Card combo pack 1

Okay cool. I just bought another Card Pack. Let’s open it.


Woah! I got three people cards! Cool. The rare card I got is the amazing rapper!!!! MC PRESSURE!!! And the rest of the common cards are Brit Popster and Limey! All these cards are so amazing. Together they give me 55 fans, 221 skill, 5 luck, and 4 IM! Wow, that’s a lot. I’m so lucky. Opening card packs is real fun too!

3 Card combo pack 2

Alrighty. Just bought another Card Pack! Let’s see what I get. Wo-wait what? That’s strange. In my last Card Pack, I got all people cards and in this Card Pack, I got…all…instrument cards! I don’t know if that’s a coincidence or magic but I guess…no pressure? Anybody called me? No MC Pressure. We didn’t call you.


Welp! That is cool. The rare card I got is the very vibrant Red One…It’s a red keyboard. I can have a long session playing these instruments. You know guys I have a vivid imagination! The common cards I got are the Cheap Trumpet and Electric Drums. I can hear the beats. Together they give me 71 luck! Nice.

3 Card combo pack 3

Ooh. Another Card Pack. Let's open the third pack of the day.


Hopefully, I get some good stuff! Yay! The rare card I got is the Touring Coach. The Goth and a Mid-Range Bass. This time I got items from 3 different categories. A vehicle card, a people card, and an instrument card. Together they give me 550 fans, 13 luck, 1 skill, and 3 IM. Nice!

3 Card combo pack 4

Shoop-shoop-de-Woop another card pack. Let's open it. CARD OPENING TIME!


Ooh, nice! Hold up. I got an instrument in every card pack except for the first one… Which is very very weird. Never mind. This time my rare card is… A Speedboat! Yay! Two vehicle Rare cards in a row. And my common cards are the Cajon and the Electric Drums! Together they give me 20 luck, 400 fans, 0 skill, and 3 IM! Nice!

You know I'll be back again. See you later. Stay tuned for the next segment.


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