Level 77 & ranked 42!!! Life of a Rock Star!!!

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Kris: I'm sexy & I know it!!!
1718 Missions completed!!!
E17 Pro Acoustic: An Epic Guitar!!!
E7 Grand Piano: An Epic steal!!
R44 Looper: It's great!!!
E10 Pete Wrong: Able to whip a crowd into a complete frenzy with just his hands!!!
R45 Mandolin: Begin with a beautiful thing!!!
L8 Black Eye Butterfly: I pulled out the first-ever legendary!!!
Level 75: First Band Audition!!!
E15 Mellow Tone: It's a Mellow Fellow in faded Yellow!!!
1798 Missions completed!!!
Level 76 & Rank 61: Life of a Rock Star!!!
Thursday Gossip!!!
Friday Mania!!!
Ist Birthday Cake: Its the Sugar Rush!!!
Hive is on Fire!!! An awesome Birthday Celebration!!!


The journey of a Rock Star continues & its steady progress. I have hit Level 77, and I'm currently ranked 42. The following are my statistics.
Unique Cards: 102
Total Cards: 640
Total IM: 603
Weekly Minutes: 7245
Score: 1390
Daily Reward: 0.22 Swap.Hive

Let's move on to our favorite 3 Card Packs and see what we get this time.

3 Card combo pack 1


Wow, it gave us a rare sexy Mr.Kris. We got two common members, Glam Rocker & Moon Child. We got a rare band member, and two common band members 😍😍 Altogether they gave 158 fans, 134 skills, +3 luck & +2 IM.

3 Card combo pack 2

Let's open another card pack and see if we are lucky there. One legendary so far.


Adding again a devilishly good-looking Guitar a French Horn & a Rusty Trumpet. We got a rare instrument and two common instruments. Together these 3 cards have 68 luck.

3 Card combo pack 3


Amazing to have a rare great-looking Looper. Looks like the looper has a special blessing on me. We got Miss Goth & a French Horn. Zero fans, +1 skill, 72 luck & zero IM.

3 Card combo pack 4


Superb to collect a rare Touring Coach, for a country tourπŸ˜€. A common Cheap Sax V2 and Mr. Buster. We got a rare vehicle and two common cards, an instrument & a band member. It gave 550 fans, 10 skills, +4 luck & +3 IM.

3 Card combo pack 5


Superb to collect a rare sober Mr.Clive, Rockability is alive with himπŸ˜€. Mr.Limey, and a Cheap Car. We got a rare band member and two common cards, a band member & a common vehicle.
Fans: 70
Skills: 210
Luck: +5
Income Modifier IM: +4

This is it for today Rockstars. I'll be sharing more. Thank you for reading & supporting me. Much appreciated your love. Rock On!


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