Freestyle Juggling with Stick Up Boys + Ambrose Chappel + Hive Pizza!

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YAS! It's finally here!!!

When I was hanging around in POB I met these guys and from the first time I heard their music I was blown away by the talent, the groove, the beats and the magic of the @stickupboys!!!

And then, when I found the Hive Pizza, I could get to know them even better, and asked if I could make a juggling video with a song from them. And voila, here it is!!!


The song "Make me beautiful" is really dope, and they had many artists doing remixes of it. All of them are amazing, but I selected the one with Ambrose Chappel to make this video. You can listen to the original and all the mixes -->HERE<--!!!

The video was not rehearsed and it has been a long time since I juggled. So I decided to play the song many times and just groove with it. It is a totally freestyle juggling in one take. With a lot of love from me to Stick Up Boys!

And since we are talking about love, how could I leave out my oldest new love? Yes, Hive Pizza! The coolest and most active discord that I found here on hive. Everyday there is something new going on, a lot of pizza gifs, a lot of game ideias and talks, they even have 2 discord pizza bots in there! It's a never stop growing project that I'm really in love with. If you are reading this, you must check their awesome website!


Well, I hope you all enjoy the video! And don't forget to check out all the places you can find and follow the Stick Up Boys!!!

Thanks for watching!!! Keep shining!!!


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