The first ⭐ Rising Star Tool at 🐱 🎸


TL;DR: Go to write your username instead and check your STATS for Rising Star game!

Long story

Many weeks ago, Jux shared on Rising Star Discord server a link to the user stats API, back then, I had no idea how to use that but I was motivated to do something with it.

A week ago, or so, I started watching videos to learn REACT.js to create web apps, so I remembered about Rising Star API and thouth it would be great to practice with that.


It took me many hours, try and error, and a ton of help from my friend @gama, who is the one who actually had been insisting a lot I should learn REACT... so it's his fault, lol!

And finally, right now, I am so excited, finally I could make this work! I will add the link in the Blockchain gaming section at soon, I just couldn't wait to announce this. Also I know it kinda is the same as the API but looking pretty. But, hey! It's my first REACT APP!

I am very stubborn when it comes to this things, still I know my limits, I almost gave up last night, but somehow I knew I could, so I kept trying.

I hope I can do more development using REACT, but first I need to learn a lot.

Wish me luck!

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