⭐ Rising Star tip of the day!: ALWAYS DO THE MATH before buying! 🧮


Today's tip is very important because you should always check thoroughly how much are paying exacly for what you are buyging. Here I tell you how!

Always do the math before buying

First of all it will be easier if you buy at: https://nftm.art/buy/star

Then find the cards you want to buy, in my case I want to buy some Production instruments, so I will scroll down until I find some.

The first one I find is : E20 Studio Laptop
The price is 246666 Starbits for 125 Luck.


Go to an spreadsheet and in A1 write the price, in B1 write the Luck, like this:


Then in C1 Write the formula: =A1/B1

Press enter and you will get the price per 1 Luck.


If I buy the Studio Laptop I would be paying 1973.328 for each 1 Luck I'd be getting, so let's better find a better deal.

And the best deal is R16 MPC-500-WS, 174.333333 per each Luck.


To add them to your cart just click on it as many times as you want to buy; pay attention as you click because the price can increase at some point if you reach another seller.

Cart sample:


I added a Love Machine for my collection ;D

Then click on the [ 🛒 Cart ]button and proceed to accept the transaction.

And that's all! Have fun!


Thanks for reading!

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