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Rules are there for a reason. And the reasons you state above are valid.

I am not a musician nor any kind of musical author. I simply love music. One of the ways to express this love is to share musical (YouTube) videos that I for some reason like among like-minded people, in a like-minded community, in hope that they will like it too and that their day will be a bit nicer because of this shared video.

This is in no way because I want to get rich by posting the hard work of others.

Now when I think of it, the remedy is simple. Decline the rewards. On the other hand, this goes against the motto of the platform.

For example, this post was downvoted. It's a great version of a classic song. I was so amazed when I found it on YT that I immediately wanted to share it and let you be amazed too.

The text that I provided with the post was 53 words long. It's not enough according to the rules. 100 to 150 words is already a story.

So, two options I see here in regard to reposting not-your-original-work ie YouTube videos.

  1. decline the rewards and not bother with storytelling,
  2. write a (long enough) explanation of why this particular video is important to you and why do you think it is beneficial for the community to enjoy it too.

Ps: a week or so before I stumbled upon M4L I asked myself: "Wouldn't it be great to have an option to post YouTube links on Hive without having a bad conscience of getting rewarded for other people's work?"

Maybe this is the right place and the right way after all.

Have a great Sunday, my friends.

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