Today's Song Choice For The #MusicForLife Community Playlist 🥁

Today I am sharing a song that has the most instantly recognisable drum beat that you will ever hear (in my humble opinion). I'm not normally a huge fan of Phil Collins solo stuff, as I much prefer the old Genesis material. However, this track in truly awesome with the Bass control turned to maximum. Try it, your head will explode LOL ! 🥁

If you can find the time, please have a listen to the old "wind and wuthering" Album by Genesis. In fact I do remember buying it on Vinyl (God! That was a long time ago). It's still up in my loft somewhere I think...🤔 It could even be worth some serious money now!

Please have a listen to the Song (below) #MusicForLife Community ~ Maybe you will agree with me... 🎧

My Playlist Selection For Today is: "In the Air Tonight" by the Music Artist ©Phil Collins

Above Music Source: YouTube [here]

Many Thanks for listening,
see you all again very soon...