#RockClassics&#Metalweekend - Manowar


today, as I was driving to work, came a song on the radio, that I haven't heard in a long time, namely Warriors of the world.

It would fit perfectly to the # tags by @uwelang & @detlev, #RockClassics & #Metalweekend.

It comes from a band from US, that has a good repertoire inspired from mythology, Greek and Norsk. I would call it a geek band, as it appeals to the fantasy genre.

I love also the concert version, with the crowds chanting.

Well, it is a group that motivates the crowd. They war inspired songs are just perfect to get that spirit lift.

I've been to a concert on the good old preCovid19 times and can barely wait to go see this guys again. It is just fuelling the spirit up.

They can sing also different styles, like their own version of Nessun Dorma.

Happy listening!

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