A Week Of Musicforlife 👀🎼- Real Value to the Hive Blockchain


A Spectacular Start

M4L has just turned a little over a week since it was born as a tribe and I must say that thanks to all the members of the community, partners and participants of the MusicForLife ecosystem we are creating one of the most promising projects on the HIVE blockchain.


I will go on to list all the advances that we have had as a project and community this week, which has been very useful in laying the foundations of what musicforlife can and will be.

the sale of almost 17,000 VIBESM, which are distributed 12 vibes every hour among 20 winners.

Yeah!! This was the first step of the tribe, and the result was an incredible support from the hive community, most of the VIBESM were sold at 1.5 HIVE, now the cheapest ones are above of 4 HIVE. Would be cool to calculate how much time will take the breakeven of this new token.


Launch of the tribe hosted by the HE services.

Well i must say, the team was very fast in setting up and building the MVP to launch musicforlife, tokenomics and evertything was made since 3 months ago, so the time since we got the financiation from the amazing project @spinvest until the tribe was live was really short.

New logo and the foundations of the new visual identity of M4L.

The M4L hired a UI/UX designer so it was a must to change our last logo to get everything based and in the same flow of the future visual identity. Actually we have a little sketch.



Creation of a curation team for the tribe interactivity.

Welcome our guys and girls to the curation team! They will be upvoting and reporting me which users are abusing and spamming the platform. About that, users that are obviously trying to catch rewards with no effort or stealing the job from someone else, ill downvote ALL your posts and mute him from Musicforlife. Besides that, all the music genres and topics related to music are allowed.


40K VIBES were airdroped to more of 120 music lovers. ($8680 at the actual vibes price)



Announcing new income model for M4L. (Youtube ads earnings to buy and burn vibes)

M4L is the first tribe in having this bussiness model (or sink) for his economy, M4L is a SUB brand/project of the mother brand called "academia libertad". The bussiness model is based in using the YOUTUBE INCOME (after taxes) from the M4L videos to buy VIBES and BURN, creating an organic demand and with a big scalability.


More than the 80% of the vibes are staked by and for the community

This means couple of things, all good ones, the first is that a high staking rate means A LOT of confidence in the project and his potential. The other one is a low liquidity in the sell side, basically having a few non staked tokens and people with interest in buying will lead the price in a bullish trend.


New Hosting by ourselves (www.musicforlife.io) - clear cache if doesnt work.

THIS is not the new UI, it was just a necessary change in the tech side (hosting) of the tribe to make it faster, and now you will be able to see the USD REWARD of your posts based in the market price of VIBES.


Now you can spend your vibes in the brand game @risingstargame to buy packs!!

i Really like to work with jux, sharing and helping each other, so announcing this is more than a pleasure. The potential of VIBES is based in the sink the coin has, im really concerned about leading the community creating a nice place to the users and a nice place for the investors too, my ideal is simple, give the best experience to the users and 1001 reasons to use your product (in this case VIBES)



Pum!! Basically a good price, means good demand and that means people are buying/staking VIBES because they actually like M4L also there are many factors in which VIBES SINKS are included. We went from $0.07 some days ago to a new range of $0.21-$0.34 that means a x3 - x5 in the price.
My expectative as the system was designed is to see users trading decimals of VIBES traded for $ interesting values.


Last Thing To Say




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