FullALT Roadmap 2021

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Road Map

Our company, FullALT, has been referred to as a ‘tip bot’ by some, however, we actually offer a wide-ranging roster of flexible cross-medium interaction services that reach far beyond just our HiveTips project. We have a microblogging and sharing module called AltYES which is an extension you can share anything to and from other social networks - not just Hive. We also have a very informative website called Hive101 that has a plethora of useful information and tries hard to list everything that is Hive. Here's where we are and what we aim to accomplish in the coming months:

2020 - Phase 1 (Completed)

HIVE and HBD can now be utilized as currencies for real world market uses, on the following protocols and platforms:


  • Gmail
  • All other emails

Social Media and Messaging:

  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Telegram


  • Google Chrome
  • Chromium
  • FireFox

Our vision is to prove that the internet can be tokenized with HIVE and HBD. We really do want to put Hive on the tips of all the tongues possible this year in our quest to make it a household name. We have made gains on this vision not only in theory, but in practice, within real world use cases in existing real world markets with the current focus being gratuities markets.

Our cross platform posting and sharing App named 'AltYes' currently allows posting to all of the following:

  • Hive
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Xing
  • D.buzz

It is available on:

  • Google Chrome
  • Chromium
  • Firefox
  • Android mobile devices

We are helping to bring the world one step closer to Hive with user friendly extensions and apps. It also offers the capability of adding any website link into a post with one simple click of a button. For instance, you could post a review of a recipe on a website and 'Share this page'.

2021 - Phase 2

  • Expansion on the above lists of sites, platforms and relevant services to get Hive available out on the mainstream markets, with the goal of helping to ensure both HIVE and HBD can be utilized as currencies in any part of this world in user friendly ways, on any phone or computer.
  • Building bridges and synergy with other platforms and services, such as Telegram and expanding the overall possibilities for any and all apps and people that wish to easily and effectively utilize HIVE and HBD.
  • Incorporation of the upcoming hard coded ‘recurring payments’ features on Hive into all products/services.
  • When the full 62 days of DHF funding are completed, the funds from the 2020 portion that were all paid for by @jackmiller (from his personal savings) shall be utilized in the following manner:
    • 80% powered up (HP) and utilized within the ecosystem to promote Hive marketing activities by members of the broader community.
    • 20% kept in liquid HBD for unforeseen ‘incidentals’ that may arise. I.e. API costs which can scale unpredictably.
  • Actively partake in the activities and work to help empower the newly emerging Hive Marketing collaborative team-working initiative.
  • Expand on SEO recognition and other relevant efforts currently worked on.

We are more than happy to take you on this journey with us. There was a time when our vision would have been thrown into a box and we would have been told, "It can't be done." As we continue to stand steadfast outside of that box and press forward into 2021, we hope all of you out there on Hive and well beyond our walls, are encouraged to keep moving forward. Hive is Alive!

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