Investing outside the block

Good day pals, is another day and my prayers is that all we shall lay our hands on shall prosper. I was trying to make a post yesterday but because of how busy I am, I became tired and decided to take some time off. It is not always easy trying to keep the chain active all the time. I have committed my entire life here and a day without me blogging is just like a week out of the internet world. Apart from the reward here, the engagement and friends I am making here means a lot to me.



Since yesterday I have been seeing everywhere looking red, does it mean we are out of the bull zone? I made a post some days back advising people to save outside cryptocurrency and use it to build something that will fetch them a living. While saying this, somebody drop a reply telling me this is not the time to take profit and invest in outside world, he still believes things will continue to rise up.

Well, I tried prove some point and it got to an extent that I realise that it is not worth it. But my advice still goes that it is very vital to save outside the block. Cryptocurrency can makes you a fortune and still yet, it can cost you a fortune. I remembered vividly well during the 2017 bull run when I started the block chain journey. Then I was steadily blogging on steemit, it was the best home for such activities then.

I was still new so I was trying to understand what blockchain was. Because I was having some fund outside the block, I had to make sure that my money on the blockchain was not touched. While doing all this, I had one mentality that I will use the money I got from the blockchain here to impact my life positively.

We were team of four (4) friends who were pushing the dream forward back then. I was like the one controlling the team so I always let them knows it is very vital to have a life outside blockchain. Out of we four (4), two takes my word serious and today, they are enjoying the reward. Not that the blockchain is not good but it is good to have life outside the block.

Among the four of us, one told me he wanted to use the money he got from cryptocurrency to start his business. I supported him massively by letting him know it is a very good thing to do. I begged him to go fully into it. He started and because he needed money to complete such move, he had to make sure he powers down his fund and started using it for his dream. While doing this, some of us were seeing it as rubbish. Some said he should not power down his fund, it will worth what will change his life for the best.

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While they were seeing it from that angle, I wasn't seeing it like that. I said since he is using the money for business, that will also better his life. He continue with his dream and keeps pushing. To wrap it all, he has more companies now. This transformation takes place after three (3) years. Isn't this amazing? Judging by the block, I don't think he could have made what he made from the business in just a period of three (3) years judging from the price of #steem recently.

Without being told, there is nothing bad when it comes to you investing outside the block. The life there is more surer than that of the blockchain. My friend that took that risk is now a CEO of his own company. He said he can now go to work when ever he likes, there is nothing pressurising him to resume early or there is nobody to sack him.


From the above we can see that keying into cryptocurrency is not bad at all, but investing outside the block is important. It will help to pave way for you in the physical world. This will act as double edge for you in life. If you are into cryptocurrency and also into physical business. You will conquer the world so fast.

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