What are the investments that can make you rich before old age?

Investment activities have always been an interesting topic. Investments are usually only done by people who are mature in financial matters.
Nowadays not only financially well-established people can invest, young people can also invest in future needs. A good investment is made when we are at a productive age and still have an income. Don't even incline to the things that later lead to wasteful life.

Investment is also an enlightenment for our future, because in the future there will be many things that we need, namely education, marriage and other important things.
Reliable investment, and avoid illegal investments. A safe and easy investment you should choose to smooth the investment process itself.

Here are some examples of investment can be used as a reference.

  • Gold Bars Investment

investments the first is the investment gold bars. This type of investment is profitable enough, due to start do not need too much capital to buy a piece of gold bullion.

The price of gold is indeed volatile, but from the past until now this type of investment is considered the most secure and profitable. Gold-can you tabungkan in the bank gold, take advantage of.

  • Save Money with Deposits

Apart from gold, deposits are also one investasi yang dianggap paling mudah, paling umum, dan paling menguntungkan. Jangka waktu deposito bisa kita tentukan sendiri, waktu yang ditentukan biasanya berkisar 6 bulan hingga satu tahun.

Deposits also have a lower risk of deviating money, while the interest rate is quite high compared to ordinary savings. If you want to start deposits, you can make it a medium-term savings account.

  • Investment Savings in the Bank

This is a type of investment that is common most people. Invest the money in the bank is quite easy and quite profitable. Interest on investment of savings is also low, and the savings can be taken at any time when it is needed. Savings can be used as an investment for all people.

  • Mutual fund investment

Mutual funds are investments managed by one person or group of people. Mutual funds are carried out by raising funds collectively before being channeled to several investment options such as stock investments. In this case, there is an investment manager who will manage it. As for the benefits, you don't need to fear loss, mutual funds are suitable for beginners who just want to invest.

  • Placing Shares in a Public Company

The next investment is to invest in publicly traded companies or companies. Don't hesitate to find out about investing in the company. This characteristic of a public company usually has the last name Tbk. This company has an average of 300 shareholders, you can be one of them.

  • Property Business

The property business is a pretty lucrative investment. Sales of property assets have a high value, for example just like having an apartment or house in a residential location, then we try to sell or rent it. The benefits are certainly quite large.

Best Financial Sites for Investment Referrals, Mutual Funds.

Get financial information is not difficult with an Internet presence. But our difficulty is to select reliable sources that are worthy of reference. We recommend the 12 best financial information referral sites.

In finance, information is the key to making the right decision. We often hear various cases of bulging investment losses worth hundreds of billions, one of the main causes is that investors do not have correct information about these investments.

Here two sites mutual funds I have ever used.

Indopermier.com is a trusted retail mutual fund investment tool. We invest in mutual funds through this platform.

One of the advantages is the very easy account opening process and a small minimum investment. Make it easy for those who want to start investing in mutual funds.

Bareksa.com is an online Mutual Fund investment platform. This site provides a platform for buying and selling mutual funds online, also provides data, information and mutual fund investment tools, stocks, bonds, and others, to make it easier for people to invest.

The strength of Bareksa.com is complete data and analysis. This site is very serious about presenting the latest and most comprehensive financial information.

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