CyberSecurity in 2020[Prediction]

When information technology touches every day of our daily activities, cybersecurity at the same time will become increasingly needed. CyberSecurity will certainly also play a role in protecting routines and preventing potential cyber incidents. Not just a matter of prevention, CyberSecurity can also help reduce the impact of cyber attacks on existing vulnerabilities. Recent technological developments such as Autonomous Vehicle, Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G networks, cloud computing, and also the Internet of Things leave more space for CyberSecurity to meet the defense needs of this innovation.

The National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO) say that in 2020 CyberSecurity remains a major concern for CIOs and CISOs, as was the case in the past decade. And in the 14th episode of Cyber Talk, we raised the 2020 CyberSecurity Prediction based on the results of research conducted by nine Cybersecurity vendors. At the end of this vendor's prediction description, I will give priority order based on the majority opinion of these nine vendors. A saying goes that we will not be able to create protection for cybersecurity until we know what really happened and become a threat. This is a glimpse of a picture that has the potential to occur as a result of analysis revealed from various points of view and analysis results.

Like TrendMicro predictions published on their site. TrendMicro provides CyberSecurity Predictions for 2020 more protection is needed on the applications and online services offered. This is in line with the increasing percentage of companies that have migrated to the cloud in recent years. Defense efforts in 2020 will be increasingly complex due to the increasing area of exposure and misconfigured events. For this reason, deeper attention is needed to the points you can read here.

Not only that, there are still several sites that predict about this (CyberSecurity) in 2020.
FireEye in its analysis emphasizes the CyberSecurity Prediction in 2020 that everyone now has the potential to become a target for attacks. Of course, with a variety of different attack mechanisms. Ransomware deployment techniques will also continue to improve. This makes the process of deploying malware on the company's internal network more difficult to guess. In general, FireEye in its report mentions these points:

  • Increased use of the Cloud will require changes to the cybersecurity architecture.
  • Skill gap for CyberSecurity talent will be even greater, so it requires not only new talent, but also upskill (increased skills) from internal employees.
  • Malware will increasingly threaten the company's supply chain process by continuing to monitor its process weaknesses.
  • The importance of companies and vendors to work together to formulate better cybersecurity.
  • Increased Cyber Criminal operational sophistication. Geopolitic conditions also increasingly affect the increasing intensity of this Cyber Criminal.

Through his analysis in a report entitled: "A Simplified Approach to staying secure in 2020", Watchguard explained several CyberSecurity Predictions in 2020 which generally focused on potential threats related to elections that occurred in several countries to increase the sophistication of the ransomware that is now increasingly targeting Cloud infrastructure.

In a review of an interesting report from Forcepoint entitled: 2020 Forcepoint Cybersecurity Predictions and Trends, mentioned the same thing related to attacks on the electoral voting process. However, Forcepoint gives a deeper discussion related to Deepfakes, even calling the term Deepfakes-as-a-Services will become an even bigger issue in 2020. The issue of Deepfakes first surfaced in 2017 through fake videos created with deep learning mechanisms which mimic celebrity or other individuals. As predicted by Trendmicro, Deepfakes will be a new innovation in Business Email Compromise attacks. This time, in addition to spoofing via email, video and audio can be a new tool to further convince victims of the authenticity of the order. In addition, Forcepoint raised several points in its report on predictions for 2020 here.

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