Striking Balance In Life

Maintaining balance in what you do is very crucial and it shows how flexible your approach towards life is. Too much of everything may not be good for you, so you need to maintain a required amount of balance. One of the major problems people face is either having excesses of a particular thing or having too little of it. Take this instance; having to eat excessively at once may be a death sentence. In the same way, having extremely small amount of food will lead to starvation.

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That a particular thing is good, most times, is only relative to its amount. A friend of mine once said that "laughing is very good and can act as medicine but if you laugh excessively without cause, then you need medicine". This may be humorous but there is a remote truth in it. Even working should have its limits in order to maintain balance in life. Remember this popular quote about work:

All work and not playing will make Jack a dull kid

It takes maturity to identify what you need and how to go about it but it takes a higher level of maturity to know the amount you need and to maintain balance. If you have watched when kids eat, most times they do not know their satisfaction level, so they are only at the mercy of the adult feeding them but when they grow up, they will know their limits.

The spices of living is when diversity is brought into life and not by being straitjacketed into one particular way of doing things. When one aspect of your life takes the place of another aspect, then problems may erupt. As a student, for example, you need to know when to hope for success and when to read and prepare for success. This is not to invalidate the place of hope but too much hoping without actions will only lead to frustration. I once said:

A student that hopes without reading will fail. Hoping does not make one irresponsible but helps you assume responsibility

Diversity and change have remained the hallmarks of nature itself. This is why you have alterations of times and seasons. Imagine if a particular season extends for a long period without changing, the fabric of nature will be cracked. In the same way, following a particular format in your life without changing or upgrading it will place limitations on you. You should always give room for flexibility of approach.

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You do not need something to start going wrongly before you change or before you learn to maintain balance, you have to do that to prevent things from going wrong. It is always easier and better to prevent something wrong from happening than to provide solutions to it when it has happens.

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