Learning To Accept What you Cannot Change

Many motivational speakers have beclouded people with the ideas that they are capable of doing anything and everything but truth be told, humans will always be flawed and limited. There are some things that you cannot change, irrespective of how you try. The sign of maturity is learning to accept those things.

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To be accepted, first of all, you have to accept yourself and come to terms with the part of yourself that you cannot change so that it will not weaken you. When you come to terms with your flaws, you will know how to overcome them.

Contrary to what many people (especially motivational speakers) will want to you believe, you do not have infinite and limitless ability, you are very limited and the sooner you know this, you will avoid putting yourself into unnecessary pressures to do what you are not built to do. The knowledge of your weaknesses will facilitate the knowledge of your strengths and when you consolidate more on your strength, your weaknesses will become smaller.

Knowing about your weaknesses does not mean that you have okayed them but it means that you can overcome them. The part of yourself that you focus your dominant attention on is the part that you will tend to consolidate upon. To build on your strengths and become better, you have to channel your energy towards your strengths.

At a point in your life, you will realize that there are many more important things to do than to try to change who you really are. It will be far easier to work on getting better than to start altering your entire existence. I remember when a friend of mine came complaining that people do laugh at him because he stutters and he asked how he can stop it. I noticed that they already put fear into him and when he gets scared of talking in their presence, he will stutter the more.

Well, I quickly told him that he should not give heed to the opinions they have about him, and that he should understand that he is not in any disadvantaged position and that he should feel free to express himself without fearing anyone. When he took the advice, he learnt to accept the way he speaks and his confidence came back. Amazingly, now he talks better than before. All these were possible because he learnt to row with the tide instead of rowing against it and he accepted what he didn't have the ability to change.

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The same thing happens about your "past, present and future". You have to accept that you cannot change anything about your past but the good news is that you can do something today that will greatly affect and change your future positively.

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