Steem Protection Soft Fork 0.22.2 - Right or Wrong?

The Fuck

Ever since the Tron company acquisited and gained full control over around 80 million steem, the community started to be overwhelmed with all the informations (read fears) and possible risks in regards to security and sovereignty of our blockchain.

Given the fact that Tron is well known for operating in highly centralized manner, the witnesses have came to a consenzus in which the governance rights from all steemit accounts are to be frozen.

But, it is of hight importance to emphasize that such actions are not intended to disable tron from acting per se, rather to prevent possible attempts of takeover with premined stake. Ninja-mined stake should have been used for development and onboarding purposes, but instead ended up serving individuals on the back of real investors and community participants.

Such actions ruined the reputation of steem as an investment (not in terms of blockchain properties) that lead majority to believe in its centralization and ponzie scheme tendencies.

Since the general premise of DPoS governance is the more one invests the more involved and benevolent(platform-wise) he becomes, I gave myself right to assume that specific presumption can only be applied to those who actually bought the stake, as opposed to premined one. It is reasonable to assume that investors will do their best in order to increase the value of the platfrom as a whole, thus indirectly enjoy the benefits of prosperity as outcome of their actions.

So basically we might call it the greed principle as we are counting on people wanting more and more, pushing the price and utiliy further. This approach might sound somehow irrational, but is it?


  • Ninja mined stake won't be effecting our decentralized governance.

  • Until we get more clarity about how this will affect both communities and to what extent, the things will remain status quo

  • The community along with the witnesses have shown not to be fucking around.

  • DPoS governance is being tested as we speak and i see nothing wrong about.


  • The outside world could easily consider this move as an attempt to disqualify anyone who buys big. Regardless of it not being truth, people tend to swollow that shit twitter announcements and accept them as relevant.
  • We weren't consulted with, which i find a bit disrispectufull. But, in such situations the decision needs to be fast and consulting with unorganized masses with million different approaches wouldn't be as fast, buying time to potential malicious actors to act.

Justin Sun published an article in which he invited all top witnesses to gather around the table and discuss the future of how those systems will coexist and to what extent. This is major opportunity and i truly hope you boyz will show an interest, otherwise its pointless.

I will stay reserved in terms of taking sides since i actually agree with both of them, regardless of them being opposite. However, in case we reach a reasonable agreement with Justin, this must be removed and tron enabled to influence with their stake for things they find more valuable.

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