Ant expenses, why should we control them?

Blessed community day, this is my first post for you, I thank @josevas217 for all his support, patience and guidance in this process of resuming writing, friend, THANK YOU!

After thinking a lot about what topic I could address, I thought, why not write about a topic that I have read, analyzed and put into practice for a few weeks, well, although I think it is better to say that I have not put it into practice. I explain why.


Let's start by relating the word ant with something small, already related it is easy to deduce that the expenses ants are minimal expenses, I would say that in many cases they are imperceptible, but that added in a year or in a long period of time they become a really significant sum of money. It is easy to keep track of expenses such as rent, bank debts and public services because they are notorious, and we do not even want to think what happens if they are not paid, but these ant expenses add little by little, expenses like a coffee, a candy, a alms, paying for a taxi service when you could take the bus or walk, fast food, cigarettes, beers ... the list is long.

Mainly we must identify them, review them and go through a question that has left me without flavors but has worked for me, Is it necessary?


Yes, it is necessary. Well, we take note of it to keep our monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annual or annual control, as you wish, the important thing is to start being aware of our expenses.

No, it is not necessary. Nothing happens! It is replaced, what I mean, sometimes it is more delicious and economical to have coffee at home, prepare that hamburger, walk a little. (IMPORTANT: I'm not talking about being stingy, I'm talking about reducing expenses ant)

Once identified and passed through that question of rigor, we can consider setting a personal goal, using that surplus of money for savings, which in the future could become a trip, project, investment, something really significant and transcendental.

We live in the constant line of: is it necessary or not? (Well, it happens to me), and being honest, most of the time it is not necessary to eat 3 times a week in restaurants or ask for addresses, buy soft drinks or sweets every day, maintain a vice such as cigarettes, from my point of view In view, reducing these expenses more than helping our economy helps to improve our lifestyle.

Finally I want to leave you a personal example of ant expenses:


Only in one week I can spend $ 29, now let's multiply it by 4 weeks, it's $ 116 per month.
In other words, in one year I am spending $ 1,392 without even noticing it.

I hope this post has been to your liking, until another opportunity.



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