Bitcoin Drops Despite The Good News

The New York State Attorney's Office announces that USDT has settled the long-running legal debate by paying a fine of $ 18 million.

Buy Square Inc. $ 170 million worth of Bitcoin.

Microstrategy Buy about 1 billion in bitcoin

This is part of the initial news that soon affected Bitcoin, which bounced off as the news spread and rose from the $ 46,000 mark to the $ 50,000 mark.

As the cash payment that ended due to Tather's case with the chief legal officer in New York eliminated what may have been a systematic risk to cryptocurrency ads, some reports have shown the close link between USDT printing and bitcoin's rising costs.

The cryptocurrency market was living in fear that Tether would not prove that USDT had the resources to help with the full volume it achieved in a 1: 1 ratio.

After the announcement of the chief legal officer in New York, Bitfinex tweeted:

Shared data page, we're not conceding any bad behavior and we're going to pay $ 18 million to fix that.

There are no results that indicate that Tether has given steady money without assistance or that it may affect the costs of digital currencies.

Combining the two exchanges, generally 5% of Square contract resources are currently Bitcoin.

The aforementioned news has added to Bitcoin's rally and recovered from nearly 50% of its misfortunes since the start of the downtrend last Sunday, yet a specialist investigation reveals that Bitcoin has yet to come out of its pessimism.


Falling Bitcoin:

Despite the exceptionally confirmed news this week, it was only a pain relief, as Bitcoin continues to diminish and cannot rally and recover until the occasion.

In the 4-hour BTC / USD outline, it tends to be noted that the new sharp drop in BTC cost is very similar to the previous peak of $ 42,000 in January 2021, after which a major review is framed.

In January, Bitcoin's value capitulated for some time, modeling three bullish engines, as evidenced by the red square in the figure, which led to lower lows (shown in 1, 2, 3).

As needed, a short descending channel was formed, after which it jumped down before another climbing channel opened.

There is an extraordinary comparability between monetary economic positions since both happen quickly, and all consist of a few colossal red candles.

Although the cost of Bitcoin has rebounded again and is currently still around $ 50,000, market instability is not as serious as the past two days.

So brokers actually need to focus as this change may be like the previous high of $ 42,000, although the cost of Bitcoin at the moment is likely to cross within this upward channel, the strength of the bulls is likely missing.

If we apply the previous example to this mod, BTC will likely push the cost to around $ 50,000, at that point try a more realistic second round and a third round of reviews, which could get to about 30% off the top.

We might see Bitcoin's value drop to $ 42,000 before pulling back into another upward channel and resuming its rise to $ 60,000, which is something most examiners expect.


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