Steemit Software Development Kit (SDK)

This was originally posted by me in the Steemit Directory Group, then on Blurt here

This Directory post will be centered around websites outside of Steemit which you can use to clone Steemit. While we ask that most directory posts be full of Steemit links, I post this as an example as Directories may be made of Steemit 3rd Party Tools, and associated, affiliated, or cross-pollinated websites (Minds, Hive, etc, when associated with Steemit on the pages in the URLs)


This will be a Software Development Kit (SDK) and I want people to copy the Steemit model, and use Graphene, EOS or Ethereum to run their Websites. As right now the norm is programmers making Blockchains, then making websites and companies around them. I suggest the future will be the opposite in that Websites and Companies that exist already, will adopt Blockchain.


All Crypto based projects have a community on, here is the one Steemit used in the past. We need more of a presence on Bitcointalk.

This is likely why the APPICS Community and Token are so active on Steemit, APPICS thread here

This is the Original Steemit thread, with Source Code

Build Guides for Graphene

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