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Greetings dear members of this prestigious platform. This publication serves as an element of socialization that allows informing the community of some mechanisms that have been developed to address the threat of Covid-19, a virus that somehow has managed to ignite the alarms worldwide, as it has made us know that despite our scientific and technological advances we remain a vulnerable species to threatening situations such as those imposed by the current pandemic.

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In this sense, it is important to highlight that the pandemic generated as a result of the appearance of covid-19, has managed to alter the social systems of humanity, where we have observed health, economic, social losses and political transitions.

Despite all these variants and the economic investments made to date, we still do not have an effective treatment that generates the cure against the virus, on the other hand, we have managed to develop an alternative that allows us to stop the spread of the virus and thus reduce the damage generated.

Fig. 2. The vaccination process is the most viable alternative to covid-19. Author: Gerd Altmann

In such a way that the immunity process has come to the forefront and aims to ensure that the general population is immunized against the SARS-CoV-2 strain, for which economic, scientific and technological resources have been provided to achieve the planned goals.

Among the measures to achieve immunity, vaccination is the most important and for this purpose different methods have been developed to allow our metabolism to attack and prevent the replication of the virus in our body. For this reason, in this publication we will focus on the study of the technique based on the synthesis of messenger RNA which has been implemented by laboratories such as Pfizer, Moderna and BioNtech, representatives of the United States and Germany respectively.

Fig. 3. The scientific advances and resources invested have made it possible to generate a product to deal with SARS-CoV-2. Author: fernando zhiminaicela

Barely a year after the appearance of the virus, the aforementioned companies have managed to launch a product that so far complies with a series of characteristics that the vaccination processes must clinically present, characteristics that we will describe below:

1. The vaccination process must be safe and effective, and therefore must not generate subsequent alterations or the appearance of the disease.

2. It must succeed in generating a process of suppression or significant reduction in the community in general.

3. It allows to generate a preventive process in those individuals with advanced or severe disease.

4. Preferably it should be applied in a single dose and comply with the above mentioned, which would bring less inconvenience in transportation and respect for the cold chain of the product.

5. The immunity time should be prolonged, so as to allow specialists to generate a permanent cure.

Undoubtedly these are characteristics if you want to be strict and depending on it, it is worth asking ourselves, does the mRNA technique comply with all of the above?

To answer this question, we must know how the technique works and it is characterized by using a synthetic messenger RNA which is responsible for reaching the cells with information related to the production of SC2 spicule-like proteins, which once generated metabolically generates immunity against SARS-CoV-2.

Fig. 4. Representation of mRNA function. Author: Sverdrup at English Wikipedia.

Technically, the messenger RNA is encapsulated in lipid-based components that provide protection and at the same time serve as a conduit for its insertion at the cellular level, where it releases the genetic information associated with the replication of the protein that faces the covid-19 variants. It is undoubtedly a great technique and the best thing is that the virus is not used at any time in an inactive state, which generates greater security throughout the process.


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