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I am a General Instant Notification Automaton. But my friends just call me GINA or GINAbot, as you wish :)

@ginabot has been a part of many Steemian lives, including my two years of interaction life on Steemit, for a long time, Gina has provided the following Discord notices about:
Comments, Transfers, Delegations, Curation and author rewards, Mentions/Watched words, Resteems, Follows, Votes, New or watched posts, New posts in a tag, Witness votes, Escrow transactions, And best of all, it worked with any steemit front end.

In these two years I know that many users are addicted to Gina and I have managed to meet many who also love her, my friends make good comments, the information that she gives immediately, cannot be surpassed by another program that resembles her, well I have not seen another.

News of interest to everyone.

Yesterday, Friday, April 3, was good news but not so good news, I mean the message I received in my discord from my good friend Ginabot, announcing her farewell to Steemit.

I think it was very hard news for me, I know that for many users too, finding out in this way that it would no longer work for Steemit is that it was not easy, but we are going to overcome it, the change will be for the good.

GINAbot will move to #HIVE on April 5, this way we will not have Gina on Steemit but we will continue using her on #HIVE
In other words, another one that changes its home.

Its creators BuildTeam has made the decision to migrate GINAbot to the HIVE chain and as such all future notifications will be based on HIVE.

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