Building My Dream Advertising Firm; Getting Results From The Tip Of The Finger


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I feel advertising has lagged behind a lot in recent years, I'm categorically not saying this for every state or extended Society, but there's been a phenomenon or practices of advertising in most African Societies which has limited the human appeal or mind management which sometimes quality advertising has to achieve to be complete, in actuality I really do not think advertising should just aim at profiteering, in all honesty in a country like Nigeria advertising has lost its bite simply because people do not really believe in the propaganda of advertising anymore rather they just sieve through perceptual filters and prefer to wait on personal selling, endorsement and sales promotion in other to buy or choose a particular brand. It's like a step backward into the evolutions of marketing where there is a focus on product and produce and the sophisticated process that is actually put into selling is actually ignored.

The reason why I actually love digital advertising is because people actually follow what they feel to be true (even when it is now possible these days to buy a few thousands of followers on Instagram) for example if I can just click follow on a page of a facebook product page it would have been that I have tested and used their products and I would love to be updated about any of their upcoming brand products that might be new to the market and that's why I feel that television and radio advertising might soon lose its essence. One thing is that you can actually see that some people who have natural followers on Instagram are being paid a whole lot to showcase a few message that contains classified advertising to their audience. Money making shouldn't be the aim of advertising else the intended or target audience would see through this and actually turn off their focus. I might actually be wrong but this is an observation which shares a whole lot of factuality.

In essence, the whole origin of marketing and advertising should pop up after quality has been inculcated or imbibed because this should basically be the origin through which we focus advertising on. You see one of the disadvantages of advertising over the years it's not because it isn't effectively done, it is because sometimes there is a tendency to want to oversell more than what a product can actually offer and this can make advertising futile even after money has been spent. There's something I call soft advertising and this is allowing your target audience understand just that little information about your product that might make it less superlative this way you might get less consumer, but legitimate and constant or continuous patronization. The truth about every product is that they always a side effects that alters their full functionalities but you would never see a brand tell a target audience about these side effects rather they go ahead to sell it and sometimes people are often disappointed with the fact that these information were being withheld after they have gone on to use these products.

In conclusion, I feel that digital marketing should actually take over and when I open or start my own advertising firms I would actually employ personnel with high amounts of social media followers because some of the qualities of these people is that they are highly tolerant, patient and they're the kind of people who would actually build something from nothing and from the scratch as well. I believe that the two or three minutes which a brand has to advertise on radio or television or even the little spaces on the pages of newspaper can not really have full effect. The world has gone beyond the media bullet Theory stage and people no longer believe everything they see, they process information through perceptual filters and most times when you sell on false promises it's dents every prospect you might have in future as a brand and this is why it is essential to bank with an advertising agency before you advertise your product.

I'll be releasing a part two to this study on the framework of my ideal advertising format. Cheers and thanks for reading

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