What Do You Think Would Have Been the Faith of Tesla if Google or Apple had Purchased it?

Tesla, a company worth over half a trillion dollars and the most valuable automotive company making Elon Musk the richest man in the world based on his shares in the company. Tesla made growth in its share market in 2013 from $35 a share to $193 per shares. This was a really great time for Tesla as investors love to see their money increase an in this did Apple and Google give it a try to buy Tesla.

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Apple wanted to offer a 20% increase on the price of each stock price as at the current time but with a clause that Elon Musk would step down from his day to day work but Elon musk wouldn't accept that offer. Do you think Elon would do without working in Tesla at a point when he was enjoying his innovation. It was during the darkest days of Tesla when the Model 3 was rolled out but Apple didn't come for the meeting because the terms were not favorable.

Google also wanted to buy Tesla in 2013 as well or should I say Elon Musk wanted to sell Tesla to Google for $6 Billion in cash and $5 Billion to build factories. He met with Google's then CEO Larry Page. At this point, Tesla was facing serious near bankruptcy and Google didn't object but then the deal faced off when Tesla made its very first profit and Elon immediately paid Tesla loan giving the company enough time to explore and work with no fear of bankruptcy.

Apple and Google really made a lot of effort in purchasing Tesla but both were not successful. Now Tesla is sustainable even though not really profitable, what do you think would have happened if any of this two companies had purchased Tesla, would it still be running or would it had gone bankrupt?


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