The Game of Chess as In Life and Business

You should be familiar with Chess but if you aren't, Chess is a board game with 64 squares and 32 pieces (Pawns, King, Knight, Queen, rook, and Bishop) and Chess is common when businesspeople, entrepreneurs and speakers talk, so what is special about Chess?

Chess is a game that teaches strategy not withstanding understanding the game. The game of life has rule and this rules alone do not do the trick, strategy is expected. you will either repeat the rules or repeat the strategy, so people would always compare the game of Chess the game of life.


Chess is a game of plan B and C, you remember a strategy you were using but your opponent changes everything with a move and then, you need a plan B. This is just the same as life expectations, nothing is constant in life, your calculated moves can be changed by one action opposite to your thoughts and when these things happen, you should have a plan B, C, or even D. With Chess, you just need to be decisive and able to ascertain your position. With Chess as in life, you need to make moves immediately and do not need to remain in a position for long.

Chess teach you about looking at the Big Picture instead of the small ones at your reach currently. The game also teaches people how to think ahead of the current situation. Chess always teaches creativity and these characteristics are needed in reality. You cannot think in a box and expect a result outside the box.

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