The Amazon Income and Expenses

Have you been hearing about controversial, well in the business world, Amazon is the most controversial company in the world not because it doesn't deliver the best products nor because it is expensive, at the same time, it isn't because of poor customer service, Amazon by far has done better in this areas than other companies. The company has been in the limelight over something that should be a thing that would make Bezos proud but at the same time it can be seen as a threat based on the US anti-trust law, and that is the fact that Amazon is too big or makes too much money. The controversy now becomes very serious when people now make it looks like Jeff is making a whole lot of money while is workers are not properly taken care off.


Let's take a look at one of Amazon's financial report as the report of a company shows its strength. It is no doubt that the income of amazon has been increasing especially in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, because Amazon infrastructure and Logistics are now fully stable. Even in the midst of the pandemic, the company pulled in a product sales of about $145B in 9 months, and the service cost was almost worth $112B.

Although, the company makes a lot of money, there are so many expenses that the company needs to solve and one of them is cost of sales. Amazon pays distributors that bring their product for sale on the Amazon website. The company spends a lot of delivery, the company said it runs over $40B on delivery process. Amazon has to pay content creators, web services, marketing, affiliate marketing, general and administrative cost and so on.

We can say that constant innovation, and fast adaptation is the major reason Amazon has been seeing high sales and we can also say that the company looks really big but I do not think Amazon is as big as Alphabet.

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