Starting a Business From Scratch till Exit

When there is a vision, there is a possibility that there will come a project and this comes then we are good to go. The product, the service, the idea looks so unique, in fact it is dynamic that no one has ever done it in the past and if you can do it, you have made a difference but can you pull this up? Starting a business sometimes can start in a very simple way with no really serious thoughts. The company name comes first the the Logo follows and after that, we have the business standing as the business has been registered as a company.


Starting a business can be very good but a business isn't legal if there isn't a legal registration and it depends on the type of business but you have to first register the business and the amount used to incorporate your business is dependent on your country. Most startups do not always get funding, who will spend their money on a business that they are not certain about so you will be getting funds from current job, savings, family and friends, inheritance and so on. Know this at heart that there is a possibility that your business will fail so whatever money is going into the business is solely for the business and every penny invested is known as seed investment.


After a year, you are done with your beta testing and it is time to expand your reach and this time around, the business needs to grow and this time around you need to keep your business growing and bigger. At this point, you have to start contacting angel investors and venture capitalist who will be willing to invest in startups so they can make profit when the company goes public. You can have more several series of funding for the business while growing the business.

You can exit the the company in two ways, either to exit by selling to company to a larger company or listing on the stock market. When you exit the business, then you can either start another business again but this time for the fun of doing business.

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