Breaking Out of Poverty, Increasing Your Income

It is a real fact that we were born with no option to make choices thereby growing and living our lives based on what we got based on privilege but we have the right to determine the status at which we want to die and want to put our offspring. Poverty is sincerely not a good start for financial race but it is where most of us find ourselves and so we need to grow our finance to become better. In doing this, there are a lot of things that should be done. First you need to understand that having little or no education is not a stand that you would be poor but it is the major reason for poverty. Unprepared starting of a family can also lead to poverty. In this post, I will explain how you can leave the poverty rank to become a more financially successful person.

First you need to admit that you are poor and you need to grow. You see, pride is one of the major reasons why a lot of people haven't grown in the past. The fact that you do not admit that you do not admit you are having a financial storm in your life means you do not see anything wrong in the way you live especially when you give yourself reasons to justify your being poor.


Excuse is one reason why the poor will remain poor, they often see riches as a right for a few set of people but not for them. They see it as a cause to the people who have it believing they often die of big diseases or are unhappy but this is false. Anyone can die of any type of disease and unhappiness is more with the poor than with the rich.

Start to write down every penny of yours you spend and write down every penny that you earn. Make sure you live with the bare minimum to survive, food, water, home and cloth as well as anything that will be an essential. After doing this, you have to sacrifice your large spending and start cutting down every resources that is not worth it.

Never allow pride to take over your good side, so go get a job. The goal is to increase your income and not to increase your pride. Increase your working time, the number of jobs you do and so on, just make sure there is an increase in the inflow of money.

Once you get a good job and/or increase your income, the next thing to do is start to payoff debts. Make sure you are not consumed by debt, be ready to pay the high interest debts first and get them off your negative arrow in your financial statement. Make sure you have savings and be willing to save incase you get into a financial setback.

Start to increase your income streams. What makes a river bigger is the number of streamlines to connect to the river. Be ready to increase your income by investing in other places. Build a multiple stream of income starting with Stocks, starting a new business, selling and freelancing, investing in real estate, buying commodities, investing in cryptocurrency and so on.

In conclusion, the earlier you start to make a financial correction and start to work towards a better life which if financially great, the better for yourself and your future.

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