Why Curiosity Is Very Much Needed To Achieve Success In Your Business or Career? - Final Part

Hello guys, your favorite girl @gifxlove is back again with the Final Part of this interesting series, Why Curiosity Is Very Much Needed To Achieve Success In Your Business or Career? The Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 were quite interesting. I will recommend you read through it before reading through this article for today, by clicking here for Part 1, here for Part 2 and here for Part 3. The reason why so many successful businessmen and scientists got successful? Is because they don't see failures as failures but as steps to success and that's the mindset of a curious person, read through to get more of the strawberry sweetness from this article. Without wasting any more time, let's jump into the topic of discussion for today. I will be giving you guys one good reason why curiosity is essential for success in this article, enjoy!!!


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No Fear

This is one major reason why curiosity is very much needed to achieve success in your business or career. A man that doesn't fear, is a determined man and a curious man. Because he doesn't see his failures as just failures, but as steps to achieving success. He tries to learn from mistakes made and try to make it better next time and he does this circle, over and over again until he gets his desired result. A curious person is always so curious to see the end and to understand basically everything and there goes the fear of failing. This content was inspired by one lovely comment from @awah which says;

hi @gifxlove - an interesting post. I do need to go back now and read the others!
Risk taking can have good rewards and to make it big, we often need to be comfortable taking some risk. I experimented with crypto first quite a few years ago and as you say, people devote time without any real idea of reward. However, I do see the reward now. At the same time, I am always looking for new things. Curiosity!

Thanks for the comment and to all those that commented in my previous article and also to you, lovely readers too, thank you. Now, why was this an inspiration? He failed when he started out crypto but seek more knowledge to know why he was failing, hence, he didn't see his failures as failures but a learning process and that's a curious mind.


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As a businessman or career person you will have to develop that curious mind in order to have huge success. Because you want to be so into what you are doing that nothing you do might be wrong, you only see it as a process to get your desired result. The owner of Ford motors, was just a farm boy. But he was curious about motors/cars at age 12 and wanted to fully comprehend how it works. He spends almost all his day learning and understanding motors parts. He was so curious that he created a small shop for himself, to fully give it all his time. At age 15 he created his first steam engine. And the rest of his story his history now, but his curious mind made him very rich and wealthy and his family till date still enjoys from some percentage of the company he created, which is estimated to be around $1.2 billion. Henry Ford was curious to understand motor and how it works and he went on to create a motor company because of his level of curiosity for motors. And know this, he failed many times, but never gave up because a curious mind does not see failure as failure but a step to success. Try developing your curiosity level in your field of work and with time, you will notice some great improvement in yourself.


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