The Act of Making, Keeping and Growing Wealth in Simple Forms

Your mind is the limit to your ability. This isn't one of those motivational speeches that you hear when you go to buy those expensive courses that won't bring in any results, this is a fact. First, you have to start thinking out the box and out of the scarcity thought. One thing I will like to let you know is that there are more self-made billionaires than inherited billionaires, which means that most of these billionaires started from scratch and didn't have a penny while starting.

In the last 10 years, millionaires are born every day and we can record new millionaires in 100s every year so being a millionaire isn't a big deal but then how do you get to this status and exceed it?


I thought of something while making the research and that is the fact that it is more difficult to keep money than to make money. anybody can earn or make money provided you are giving services or providing value for what you are being paid but it takes a lot of effort to keep the money. You make money at one point in time of your life and you are still making money probably but then, delayed gratification with spending habits determines how money is being kept or how long it will last in a person's hand. The more you spend, the less you have to save and the less you have to invest.


Executing a plan is one thing that allows people to become a millionaire but then so many people have ideas they haven't executed. your million-dollar idea is what nothing unless executed and nurtured to become a million-dollar. Also, remember that you only have 24 hours in a day, you need to ensure that you have your money working for you even when you are sleeping. You cannot achieve much in 24 hours but if you can buy other people's time and pay them for it lesser than what you make, then you are liable to keep the profit. You can also make your money work while sleeping by investing in stocks, startup businesses, and so on.

Your finance is yours to kick start, to keep, and to grow. You cannot grow what you do not know how to make, and you cannot increase by saving alone but by making your money work when you are not there.

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