How to Read People during a Meeting with Them

Entrepreneurship can be a lot of things and there are so many requirements for an entrepreneur to be successful, it is also very important for an entrepreneur to be extra sensitive, there will be lots of meetings and conversations with different people from different walks of life and during each of these meetings it is very important that an entrepreneur stays sensitive to discussed issues.


During every conversation, a smart entrepreneur needs to take note of the body language of the person in question, the tone of the person’s response and the likes of other very important things. During the process of conversing with a client or employee, eye contact passes a lot of information and it is really necessary for us to pay detailed attention to eye contact during a conversation, if a person cannot get to look at you straight in the eye, it may mean the person probably has something to hide or is really nervous.

The appearance of the individual you are having a meeting with has a lot to say about what will be the result of the meeting, people often dress in a manner at which describes their personality especially when going for a meeting although this is not always the case but severally when there is a meeting, appearance says a lot about the entire process.

As an entrepreneur, you must also understand that smile can often be really deceptive, some people ae indeed comfortable with smiles that it will be difficult to tell if it is a genuine or fake one, during a meeting the smile of an individual should not make you fall for everything the person is trying to tell you, people can smile and not even mean what they are trying to tell you.

When you are having a conversation with someone probably for the first time, you should listen to what they have to say about others if the only thing they have to say about others is very bad and terrible things then there is a high probability that they are very awful people too. If you for example want to hire an employee and you ask a question about the previous work place, if all he or she has to say is how bad the boss and colleagues are, you need to be mindful about employing such person to work with you also.
During a meeting with a potential investor or client, it is important that attention is paid to the use of sarcasm during a statement, you have to be able to understand sacarcism and know when to truly hope for an investment or when to do a little bit of more conviction.