CoronaVirus consequences: IS WINTER OF THE CENTURY AHEAD OF US?




The amount of data related to the recent corona-virus outbreak; news, fake news and gossips that we've all been bombarded with has surely been overwhelming. And it seems that many people I discussed this topic with, are just simply tired and sometimes bored with this issue.

It also seems that this topic has been covered by almost every possible angle. I've seen discussions about the direct consequences of being infected or being in quarantine. Discussions about the impact on the world economy, manufacturing and supply chain, oil consumption etc.

However, today I would like to look at the entire crisis from a different point of view. And hopefully, some of you can help me out and find some answers.



Within the past year, I've listened to many youtubers and talked to a number of educated people about the impact of pollution on global warming and climate change. I've learned to believe that different parties have different agendas and different beliefs. And till now I'm not sure if we (humans) even have a real impact on the world's climate - or are we just a little extra "addition" to changes which are taking place anyway.

Right now, I would like to make an assumption (however true or not) that pollution created by our activity around the world is indeed impacting world climate and all that CO2 produced across the globe is actually bringing the temperature up (at least in some areas).

Now - what could possibly happen if pollution would be greatly reduced? For a very long China has been the number ONE country contributing to polluting the environment till today. So, let's say that for 3-6 months most factories in China (and across the globe) would stop working. Transportation would also reduce greatly.

It's quite obvious to me, that this would have a great impact. However, until today I didn't see anyone talking about it yet.



Last year/this year winter seemed to be one of the warmest ever. I remember playing with snow when I was just a boy - building snowman and igloos. Right now winter is finishing and I yet didn't see snow - it wasn't snowing here even for a minute during past months. Things definitely changed. And that change is associated (by many) strictly to the increasing rise of pollution, which is apparently bringing the temperature up everywhere across the globe.

I found it hard to imagine, that this would continue. Could anyone share with me your knowledge/opinion on how much the current situation (greatly reduced produced pollution) can impact the global climate?

Are we heading towards the winter of the century?



I read all comments. So please do not hesitate to share your view.

*Yours, Piotr *