Impact of technology on the environment.


Nowadays technology seeks to improve the quality of life of people through its daily advances, every moment technological devices are developed that make our lives easier, now the development of many technological devices require the use of copper, iron, zinc, gold, silver, aluminum and coltan, the extraction of these resources has caused the deforestation of billions of kilometers of forests worldwide.

These resources are obtained from mining, one of the most used resources for the manufacture of batteries for mobile devices is coltan, the industry responsible for exploiting this resource works in a forced way to extract it, this effort requires the use of more energy, coltan is one of the most difficult resources to get within the compendium of resources that are extracted, this resource is present only in some regions of Africa.

Although it may seem unbelievable, the development of technological devices significantly impacts the environment, according to The Shift Project, digital technologies in 2019 accounted for 4% of greenhouse gas emissions produced worldwide, although it is true that technology seeks to reduce its negative impact on the environment has not been able to generate the formula to meet that goal.

But not only the development of technological devices negatively affects the environment, the use of these devices also affect, for example watching movies in streaming is another form of impact on the environment as it generates 1% greenhouse gases, this is a fairly high level for just enjoying a movie from the comfort of our home, this is because data centers increasingly need more energy to operate, which makes it continue to generate more greenhouse gases.

Another way in which technology impacts on the deterioration of the environment is when we simply discard the devices that for some reason we stop using, because simply the disposal of these devices affect the environment, according to the UN each year generate more than 50 tons of electronic waste including phones, screens, appliances and computers among others. One way to reduce the impact that technological devices are causing to the environment, is simply to try to extend the time of use of electronic devices until they stop working and not be changing them at every moment, as well as not discard them in conventional garbage, but deposit them in space containers for that purpose and last but not least educate our family about the impact that these electronic devices produce to the environment.

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