Legacy - Lessons in Leadership #4

The book, "Legacy" by James Kerr covers lessons in leadership that can be learnt from the game of rugby. The book discusses how the All Blacks achieved greatness and applies some of these lessons to the world of business to help make us into better business leaders.

I have previously covered:

Today, I am covering the fourth lesson from the book.

Pass the ball

Rugby, like many sports, is a team game. There is no place for selfish players who want to hog the ball, try to score by themselves so that they can receive the glory. Furthermore, by not being selfish, you give a chance for other players and they then too develop further and become better players. Passing the ball, will enable you to become a better team. Not a team of Matadonas.

In business, the same concepts can be understood. We can create a better team through enablement and giving responsibility to others. This will allow them to develop and become stronger and will unite the team further. If your business is running on a hero culture, it isn't sustainable.

Leaders create leaders by passing on responsibility, creating ownership, accountability and trust.

Legacy (Chapter 4)

To enable your business (or any team) to keep growing and to ensure your business is sustainable, one of the most important things that you need to do as a leader, is to develop the next cohort of leaders. Pass the ball.

Leaders create leaders

Legacy (Chapter 4)

Enabling your team requires you to give clear direction. Not just a plan but they need to understand the goals, the methods and the constraints. Planning is good but plans can quickly go wrong.

Everyone has a plan until they're punched in the face

Mike Tyson

The Chairman of Joint Chief of Staffs, General Dempsey, describes in his paper "America's Military - A Profession or Arms" the concept of "mission control" and says that leaders must provide:

  • A clearly defined goal
  • The resources
  • A time-frame

You then need to develop critical thinking in your team so that they can make decisions on the go. They need to learn to observe, orient, decide, act.

Do you invest time in developing leaders in your team?


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