Coronavirus - why community is more important now than ever


The spread of Coronavirus has taken the world by shock as it has spread so quickly and turned so many peoples' lives upside down. Health services in many countries are struggling to cope and things are going to get worse.

The Washington Post has created a number of simulations that show how the virus spreads and how different measures can control the spread. The simulations show how forced isolation and social distancing can slow the spread of the virus. The idea is that if different countries can slow the virus and it impacts us over a longer period of time, the pressure will be less on the health services and hopefully, therefore, we can reduce the overall impact by not running out of vital life-saving care.

The Telegraph discusses why containment has worked better in Asia. Largely because they have seen this before with Sars and are better rehearsed to know what to do. There is less panic in Asian society and more controlled isolation.

Community Matters

If we can successfully slow down the virus, then that means we are going to be in this situation for a longer time. When we see panic buying it is often the poorest people in society who lose out. They are not able to bulk buy as they are surviving from day-to-day. Foodbanks are already running out of some stocks putting further pressure on the poor.

The old are also going to suffering and with some countries asking the old to self-isolate for long periods, we will find things get very difficult.

So please, this is where community can really make a difference. Think about the poor and see how you can assist them. Think about your elderly neighbours and how you can help them. Think about those who are around you and suffering and show them how compassionate the human spirit can be.

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